Forster Sprint Triathlon

This was my first trip to Forster and clearly my first attempt at the Forster Tri. Plenty of people had said to me in the run up to the event that it was a good race and should be pretty flat on the sprint course. I had put in a big month prior to race and although pretty tired generally, I was feeling pretty good about my progress in the last few months. I was also very excited to test out my new bike, which I picked up on Thursday and raced with it on Saturday.

As I normally do on race day, I was up about 4 hours prior to my start time so I could have decent breaky. Joy of joys it was raining so hard, it was as wet as an otters pocket on the balcony of the Air BnB. As you can imagine, the wife was not very pleased about the idea of standing in the raining watching me prancing around in tri suit.

It was still raining just prior to the start of the race when I noticed I left my Garmin in the car, so the run to and from the car become a nice 2 km warm up. The only issue was the mozzies who used the left side my body as a tasting platter.

The swim was located in the Forster keys area and was deep water and it was still raining. Swim went well and my time ended up being the fastest in age group. The main issue with the swim was I started out on the end and felt like I had to work really hard to cut across the line to get to the first buoy. Which at this point the leaders had pretty big gap, so I just sat the second group and just passed as many people as I could.

The Forster Tri has 4 different distances during 1 day, and to be honest I missed the part of the race briefing about the transition. So it went well at first, I managed to find my new bike (new bike don’t forget). All my equipment was wetter than I was which was nice putting my shoes on... Not. I took my bike of the rack and then ran the wrong way up transition, then I went the right way. The run out of transition was pretty long and muddy. The bike headed out of the keys and up The Lakes Way, it was 2 lap course which was pretty fast. The new bike performed well except for some slightly slipping, but I just powered through that. It was also the first event with my newer Infinite energy mix, which was designed for the longer rides, so it didn’t feel great once I got on the run.

I head out for the run leg while it was still raining, looked at my watch and thought If I could maintain a 5min 10 sec average I would break 1 hour 20 min which was a major target for this season. SO I smashed the first 2km in under 10mins. The next 3 were a little slower but still around the 5min mark. I finished in 1hour 17mins, which is a new PB and to top it off I finished 3rd in age group. Best result ever, and achieved both goals for the season. I had said I would retire once I got a place on the podium, but I am pretty hooked now and would like some more medals. Suffice to say, I had a few at Club Forster that night.

A massive thank you to top Coach Nathan and everyone who has help me progress some much this year. Next stop Wollongong!

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