Husky Long Course

HUSKY 70.3 Race Report 24th Feb 2019

PB’S & Heart Palpitations

Atriums & Ventricles. They make up the four chambers of the heart, a muscle responsible for pumping blood throughout the body, typically 60 to 100 times per minute. In Huskisson on Sunday 24th of February, mine would beat much faster than that for the better part of five hours, yet it was the speed of said beating that governed my performance in this race.

Swim- Coach “get to the first can as quick as possible and then find a hip for the rest.”

in other words, Max Heart rate within first 3 minutes of a 70.3 mile race! So I did my best to follow orders and even though the second buoy was floating away with the current I was out of the water in the front bunch of my AG and onto the bike in a good position although the Atriums and Ventricles were working overtime early on into the bike.

Bike- Coach “ Stay Aero as much as possible and power through the undulating hills.”

AKA Use my “Large “ glute muscles to my advantage for a change. Overall the first two laps were uneventful and stuck to my race plan. The third lap was a little more interesting as approximately 500 extra people joining in as they piled out of Transition for the classic distance race, which caused a few Atriums and Ventricles to suddenly rise at certain turnaround sections but luckily I was able to stay upright and head into T2 feeling quietly confident of a solid run.

Run- Coach “Stick to your heart rate for the first 15km then grit your teeth and empty the tank.”

A solid plan of attack, I also decided it wise to move swiftly early as most spectators were in the first 2km and my new suit is quite transparent in the nether regions, it was up to me to leave something to the imagination ( also first 2km was downhill). 4:54 hrs after the siren sounded I was able to “empty the tank” and finish in a time which is a 14-minute PB for this distance and filled myself up with some much needed confidence heading into Ironman Australia in nine weeks time.

Thanks to all the Project M crew especially Coach Nathan Miller for the support and the biggest thanks to my wife Leanne and my boys for supporting me in this journey I am currently riding.


Brad Robinson

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