Sunshine Coast 70.3

I'm often asked what gets me up in the early mornings, keeps me going on the long rides and gets me into that cold water. My answer is always the same; passion for the sport! The last 12 months have thrown some challenges my way that made me question that passion. We relocated to a new area, I lost one of my best mates, we renovated (still going!) and then the biggest change of all; I become a Dad! After some time off and some honest talks with my wife and coach, we came up with game plan for the season ahead. Sunshine Coast 70.3 would kick things off, with a short 4 week prep.

Course Details


- 1900m

-1 x Lap

- Beach start

- Ocean lumpy conditions


- 90km

- 2 x Laps

- Flat

- Good surface


- 21km

- 2 laps

- small hill t start of each lap

Race morning greeted us with torrential rain, so for the first time in my career I got dressed in my trisuit and wetsuit ready for swim start before I even left the door. I quickly had transition set up and set off for a good warm up swim. With a big Pro field that had plenty of depth, I was finally excited to race. I felt the passion and drive was back!

Before we knew it, I was hyperventilating and swinging my arms, turning at the first turn buoy shoulder to shoulder with 6 x world champion Craig Alexander. I may have gotten a little bit too excited as I soon faded towards the back of the third pack. I sat there for the remainder of the swim conserving energy.

Onto the bike and wet roads, I knew the first 5km were crucial as I got out with some very handy bike riders, By the time we hit the express way, Dougal Allen came around and dictated the pace for the next 5km. Nathan Shearer then went around and did the same. By this time, I was the only one left hanging on the back pushing 340W, I was soon dropped at around 20km. I then rode 60km solo and got picked up by a group limping my way back into T2.

The run was quiet uneventful as I burnt way too many matches on the bike leg. I kept a good solid pace for the first 15km and faded quiet hard over the remaining 7km. Even though I was way off the pace, the excitement and passion for racing was still there. I crossed the finish line as 21st professional out of 30. Walking away with a full heart and some lessons learnt. Looking forward to racing myself into some great shape over the next few months with Western Sydney 70.3 and Taupo 70.3 being key races this side of Christmas.

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