Kawana Sprint Triathlon

Race Report:

Pre Race - I am now nearly 12 weeks into moving up to the Sunshine Coast. A massive challenge, a massive change and also the most rewarding decision I have made in my life. For some perspective, my entire family (both sides) lives within 200km of Sydney. Having moved, I have missed a total of 2 sessions in this period. and 1 of them was the initial moving in day. I have been proud of my achievement and have been wanting this race to arrive since moving up. Also, adding to the fire was the fact I've not raced since early 2016.

The weather has been inconsistent for the past fortnight, this had not changed on race weekend having poured Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday early morning. Arriving at transition, we had our first lapse of rain in 48 hours and the race was still a go.

Swim - Fairly similar to Nepean, Kawana Waters is a rowing centric, rippleless lake. A rectangular 750m swim, with a temperature of 23 meant no wetsuits. I managed to hold onto the feet of the first group until the first buoy and by the time I looked up to find the next, had lost them. It was a long swim, and by long I mean about 100-150m too long. But, everyone has to swim the same course. I got out around 10th and a long way back from the first out of our age category.

Bike - Being an industrial mecca, meant lots of twists and turns on wet roads. I cannot lie, I'm a hubbard in terms of bike skills so combine this and the fact I hadn't had any race practice, I found myself yo-yoing back and forth with a few different athletes. I set my garmin to not show me my power, I wanted to feel it out. I had made an error. I made what in terms of training standards is quite a considerable working effort feel like I was riding an FTP test. I got off the bike and had made up no places whilst also not losing any places.

Run - I started the sport with the run being my main point of call but I cannot say it helped me this time around. I spent the first 600-800m finding my breath, something I am not used to and slowly found a good rhythm about halfway into the run. I had lost a place or two during that period and made it my goal to not let them finish in front of me. One K to go and I knew that they were slowing whilst I trudged at the same speed, I went by one and felt good, I went by the other and it wasn't so easy. The final turn before the finish shute and finally he relinquished his push.

Overall - Happy, Satisfied and after assessing the race, know I can improve

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