Wollongong Olympic

Maybe i have a curse when it comes to races or i’m finding excuses to have something go wrong just before them haha. But less than a week before the race i went out on a ride in the wet, as my mentality is “if you race in it, you train in it”. This is because i got caught out on a race one year being lazy and avoided training in the wet or wind and come race day i had it all and wasn’t prepared for it. However, unfortunately for me i came off turning a corner, it was like hitting ice, my bike instantly going horizontal and i couldn't prevent myself from sliding. This fall resulted in my brand new bike being unridable due to broken handlebars.

Physically i was ok, with only some skin off but mentally i was a bit affected. Prior to the crash riding in the rain has never really bothered me unless if its really pelting down i would avoid going out in it but once i’m out riding its fine. Having to go back to my roadie it felt uncomfortable and i wondered how i even rode it for so long, so this didn't help myself mentally. It was frustrating but for the sake of my head and not wanting to miss sessions i decided to also ride in the wet but i noticed i was hesitant to turn corners thinking i was going to come off. With the weather forecast for rain on Sunday, on race day, once again i considered pulling the pin.

Race morning i woke up several times prior to my alarm, devastated that i could hear the rain.

I was in the second lot of waves so i had plenty of time to sort myself in transition, prepare myself for the startling and praying that the rain will disappear and clear up.

Not going to lie i almost didn't make the start line as the rain was coming down pretty hard and looked to be settling in for the first lot of wave groups and i thought to myself what is $200?. What if i come off and broke this bike i was borrowing thats more money i didn't need to waste.

Thankfully by the time my wave kicked off the rain had eased a little and before i knew it i was out swimming the 3 lap swim course. Once again i thought i could sight fairly well, i tried to maintain good rhythm by focusing on my strokes that i had learnt at squad few days prior and stay in the upper pack. No anxiety this time and i exited the water in split of 25:34 and 6th in my AG

T1 was slow and disappointing but eventually i was out on the bike. My focus here was to try ride at a consistent speed, push the hills, feel somewhat uncomfortable but try have something left for the run (Thankfully no hip pain). The first two laps i was reasonably happy with however on my 3rd and final lap the wind had picked up heading back into town and there was an uncomfortable headwind slowing me down. I finished the 40km ride in 1:11 and was heading into the run, 2nd in my AG.

Having not done this distance before i didn't know what to expect and this was particularly for the run. I knew it was going to be hard and i didn't know how to pace myself but i was told too build the run and be disciplined for the first 3km. Well i tried but this kind of went out the window, as at the first turn around i was not feeling comfortable and i could slowly feel my body wanting to just stop and walk. From here I tried to focus on staying upright, take smaller strides and keep the legs ticking over. I noticed one girl in my AG over take me and from here i didn't want another one too so i pushed to the end. Run split was 50mins, which I'm disappointed about.

Overall my time was 2hrs 30mins resulting in 3/17 in my AG and Gender rank of 7/91 finishers. For the week i had leading into it, mentally not being prepared and having to borrow someone else's bike i was pretty stoked with my race. However to some degree it has made me scared that i only have 2months to IM and I'm not where i want to be but this race in particular has me more determined to work on my weaknesses, train and eat well and hopefully become stronger in all three legs.

Next race…the big dance.

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