Noosa Olympic

Noosa Triathlon

Embarking on an adventure of fun and participation inspired by a good mate Bron, soon turned into pain and suffering with a lot of grit and determination. My life quickly changed when I was introduced to Nathan Miller, Head Coach of Project M. A few simple short rides turned into 3-4 hours of gruelling road rides through the back of Jamberoo and the National Park with me often dropping off the back being dumped in the middle of nowhere. These humble beginnings only inspired me to persist, train harder and never give up.

Training with the world titles group throughout winter really made me work hard and from that I feel I improved immensely, so thanks team for letting me tag along!

Nathan’s programming really put me in good stead making it around the Noosa Course.

Noosa Race Day

After being woken up at 0330hrs and dragged down to transition by my way too organised competing father, found amongst nine thousand others, I then had 3 hours to kill. The most anxious 3 hours of my life, sitting around waiting for my turn.

Finally, we entered the water at 0850hrs. It wasn’t the flat Noosa water I was expecting. It was windy, choppy with hundreds of varying ability swimmers to deal with. With swimmers in previous waves breast stroking, made it hard for me to get a decent rhythm. I came out of the water feeling like a water-logged rag doll with a massive stitch from swallowing all the salt water. Running through transition I felt terrible thinking I needed to make up some time on the bike I found my legs quickly, knowing I had to work really hard. I made up about 16 spots with ease. I loved the bike course and felt really strong throughout. Coming off the bike to the run, the Noosa humidity and heat hit me hard. By the half way turn around I thought I was dying but soldiered on knowing I only had 5km to go. With 2km to go I started feeling sick and projectile vomited straight down the back of a slower competitor with a quick “sorry” I battled on to the finish line.

Looking back at the full race and seeing my result of 8th from 160 competitors, knowing that my swim and run could have been better, it’s given me the hunger to improve and strive for more.

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