World Championships 70.3

Sunday's race has been a hard pill to swallow, so much work went into this day and to under perform across all three disciplines is very upsetting but it's also reality and all I can do is sit back and learn from my mistakes and get keen to re write my wrongs!

I arrived to the Sunshine Coast on Thursday afternoon with my girlfriend and old man. I was so excited to be here and on the lead up I spent a lot of time with Matty Bate and Ryan Williams checking out the course and drinking shit load of coffee! On race morning I was nervous just like anyone else on the start line, I've been doing a lot of quality work with Maz Miller from Wollongong physcology to keep my nerves in tact and not let any pressure I put on myself destroy my day. I felt great and ready to have the best day I could against the best 18-24 athletes in the world.

At the swim start I was lined up next to good mate Jake brunt and once we said our good lucks the siren had sounded and I had started my first 70.3 world champs! My swim long story short was terrible, my arms felt horrible and I couldn't hold a pair of feet for the life of me, I missed the group I needed to be in by over a minute and the swim just didn't reflect how far my swim has came this year.

Running through transition I saw a few quality athletes just up ahead so I did all I could to catch up to them in the early stages of the bike. My power meter didn't connect for some reason so I was just riding by feel and looking back now I definitely rode the first 50km way to hard! I got close to bridging the gap to the main bunch where 4 of the top 5 came from but once we hit the hills my legs were burning and I wasn't catching anyone no matter how bad I wanted to.

I was off the bike and running with a really big gap to the top 5 I would of needed a miracle to get my way up there. I tried to run to my pace for as long as I could and try and make something of this day. I was pretty cooked after about 3km and really struggled all run. It was pretty awesome seeing my mate boydy absolutely killing his race and having a blinder! Along with a lot of other guys out on course having great days I was stoked for everyone.

I finally got myself across the finish line in 16th a long way back from a very deserving world champion! As devastated as I am about my performance I know it's also part of being an athlete. I am so stoked with my season in a whole with lots of great results and a few shockers, I'm looking forward to having a few weeks off to catch up with family and friends, play golf and drink shit load of beers.

Massive thanks to all my sponsors Peak fitness huskisson, Raine and Horne Huskisson, Wildginger, Elite Energy, Ultimate cycles, ASPORT and Fusion Multisport! I look forward to representing you all again in the up coming season.

Also thanks to my parents and girlfriend for all their support without them I would never be able to do what I do. And a huge shoutout to my coach and mate Nathan Miller for everything he has done for me this season and the last 4.5 years I really hope there is plenty more to come!

Thanks for reading everyone see you in a couple of months when racing starts again.

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