How did you get into triathlon?

"Back in 2008, I was reading about the Hawaiian ironman in a magazine while at work in the jail. I thought "How good of a challenge would that be?" I also liked it because it was an individual sport and I had never competed in an individual sport before. Just before I left for army deployment that same year, I was telling my best mate about it. We agreed that we would do a triathlon when I get home. I said I would spend a whopping $800 on a bike!"


What do you love about triathlon?

"I just don't get bored because I'm constantly trying to perfect three sports and it's always a challenge. No course is the same, no condition is the same; it's a never-ending jigsaw puzzle! The sport has also taken me to some beautiful places all over the world where I have made lifelong friendships."


What sets your coaching apart from others?

"My coaching philosophy is: "It has to be personalized to the athlete". There is no cookie cutter for a program. The athlete always comes first. It's their personal goals, their family, their work; it's very specific to them. I'm also a big fan of balance."


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I am what I am, I do what I do,

it will be what it will be - Mark Scott

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